Safety Glasses

Nd YAG laser safety glasses protect your eyes from 1064nm lasers.
All of the following products have achieved OD7+ @1064nm

  • ADY   OD7+ @780-1070nm & OD5+ @740-1100nm  Transmittance : 40%
  • YHP   OD7+ @1060-1070nm & OD5+ @800-1100nm  High Transmittance : 60%
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ADY OD5+ @740-1100nm & OD7+ @780-1070nm – 740-1100nm Laser Safety Glassess

the GTY laser safety glasses are suitable for protection with both 532nm lasers and 1064nm lasers

  • GTY  OD6+ @200-540nm & OD5+ @900-1100nm
  • Transmittance: 30%
  • Application: 2 line YAG and KTP, Q-Switch
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GTY [email protected] & [email protected] – 532nm & 1064nm Laser Safety Glasses

All our laser glasses are fully compliant with laser safety standards and for Europe EN207 certified

Safety Glasses pink

YHP OD5+ @800-1100 & OD7+ @1060-1070nm – 808nm 810nm 1064nm Laser Safety Glasses