Medical laser goggles is a kind of protective glasses used by doctors when working. Eye protection is a part of the personal protection system. It is very important in many industries. Protective glasses are also common protection as eye protection. Equipment is therefore often indispensable.

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Medical laser fiber optic protective goggles Medical fiber optic goggles 800-1700NM

Anti-radiation glasses are in the lens of glasses in the process of processing, added some compounds, on the lens of the relevant anti-radiation film layer. With the improvement of the level of science and technology, the popularity of computers, it facilitates our life, but there is a great deal of radiation. The ultraviolet ray of computer can cause the eye to age in advance, for instance produce cataract, eye cancer, keratitis to wait.
Long time in front of the computer, prone to ‘video terminal syndrome’, dry eyes, pain, and even congestion symptoms. “Computer radiation does harm your eyes. For example, ultraviolet radiation from computers is one type of radiation, so wearing glasses that protect your eyes from radiation can help.” Finally, Director Zhu Chenghua also reminds us that the most important thing is to reduce the time facing the computer to protect the eyes from the damage caused by the computer screen. For teenagers, we should pay attention to eye hygiene and avoid excessive eye use in front of computers for a long time. To computer worker, want to prevent computer radiation more, the glasses that prevent radiation can be worn when the job uses a computer

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Medical optical laser glasses 532nm1064nm laser beauty anti-red and laser radiation gog

Blue light blocking glasses are glasses that prevent blue light from irritating the eyes. Blue light is a part of natural visible light that is emitted by sunlight and electronic screens. Blue light is an important part of visible light. There is no separate white light in nature. Blue light, green light and red light are mixed to produce white light. Green light and red light have less energy and less stimulation to the eyes. Blue light has short wave and high energy and can directly penetrate the lens to the macular area of the eye, resulting in macular disease. Special anti-blue light glasses can effectively isolate ultraviolet and radiation and can filter blue light, suitable for watching computer or TV mobile phone use.

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Medical radiation protection glasses can be worn outside the glasses

adiation is harmful to human skin, eyes… Etc., causing serious injury; The light emitted by sunlight is above infrared (INFRa-Red)(750nm) and Visible light lay (310-780nm). Ultraviolet Ray is divided into UVA, UVB, UVC(310nm) above, Blue light, UVA, UVB, UVC are harmful light, if a long time exposure will cause damage to the body, UVB is a serious impact on vision, Tanning Ray is the burn skin light, Most eyes absorb this UVB light so be sure to block this light source. Laser protective glasses can block all the harmful light but do not affect the visual light through, can really achieve the function of protecting the eye.

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