Laser Protective Glasses

Laser Protective glasses are a kind of glasses with special function, and the glasses are different in different occasions. Such as surgical glasses used in hospitals, welding glasses used when welding, laser engraving laser protection glasses, and so on. Protective glasses, also known as labor protection glasses in industrial production, are divided into safety protective glasses and protective masks. Their functions are mainly to protect eyes and face from ultraviolet, infrared, microwave and other electromagnetic radiation, dust, dust, metal and sand debris and chemical solution sputtering damage.

red Safety goggles
Anti-radiation wavelength 500-550nm optical density OD5 safety laser protection glasses

Protective glasses against solid debris are mainly used to protect eyes from mechanical damage caused by metal or sand debris. Lenses and frames should be sturdy and resistant to impact. The frame is fitted with a curtain around which there should be ventilation holes. Protective lens can be toughened glass, adhesive glass or copper wire mesh protective lens.

Safety goggles yellow
1064nm double layer laser protection against blue light glasses

Protective glasses against chemical solution, mainly used to protect eyes from chemical damage caused by irritating or corrosive solution. Ordinary flat lens can be used, the frame should be covered to prevent solution splash. Usually used in laboratory, hospital and other places, general medical glasses can be used.

blue laser protective glasses
Laser protection glasses protect against uv rays

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