Laser Goggles Are Suitable For People

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In simple terms, laser protective glasses are a special type of glasses that can prevent or reduce laser damage to the human eye. laser protective glasses are an efficient and safe goggles, suitable for a variety of lasers, laser pointers, this series of light safety glasses with comfortable, beautiful, safe and reliable. its optical safety performance fully meets the gjb1762-93, laser safety glasses have reflective and absorbent, can protect against specific bands of laser and bright light. suitable for a variety of laser equipment. visible light penetration rate reached more than 70%. the light density is 5. more than 0, (od plus 5, od plus 6)

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Use of goggles

Suitable for: laser operators, computer operators, drivers, gas welders, welders, high temperature furnace operators, medical or industrial personnel operating X-ray, applicable to ultraviolet lasers, quasi-molecular lasers, glass lasers, semiconductor lasers, CO lasers, garnet-doped garnet lasers, ruby lasers, CO2 lasers, argon arsenide lasers and other laser protection